Riker Inspired Outfit #1 

Basic Denim Shirt - Wet Seal - $19.90 

Spiked Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 - $27.80 

Rhinestone Tie Necklace - Tilly’s - $7.99

Chuck Taylor All Star Converse in navy - Converse - $55.00 

Riker often wears a button up shirts at concerts with a tie so this denim shirt with with the tie necklace is definitely Riker inspired. He also wears his zara studded jeans a lot and the spiked jeans are very edgy and would work with many other tops as well. Riker loves blue and converse so I finished this out with some blue converse! 

This would be a great back to school outfit since it follows a lot of dress codes. 

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